Demure Hijabs Shoot

Was hired by Demure Hijabs to shoot some of their new outfits for their website and instagram. We met around the Brooklyn bridge, which made for an EPIC backdrop. I shot mostly at f2.8 to keep the background visible but not distracting. Shoot took about 2 hours, I’m very happy with how the results turned out.

@Wafeeqaswardrobe + @nasraarchitect + @obeysyed shoot

This shoot was organized by @nasraarchitect, she collaborated with @wafeeqaswardrobe and @obeysyed and invited me to shoot some video. While I was there I took a few photos as well.

Narsa wanted to showcase the courage she sees in Muslim women who choose to wear hijab, so she decided to write the following on Wafeeqa’s face.

@obeysyed came through with the eye liner that doubled as a pen for her face! Syed is a calligraphy artist who is also a dental student.

Corners come like they've been waiting for us to take them: Sana and Yaser

The song of choice is “High Beams” by All the Luck in the World. When I heard this song I felt like it perfectly embodied the adventurous spirits of Sana and Yaser. The song is about turning your high beams down, and taking corners that are there for us to take, one at a time. This is such a powerful lesson that we should all work to incorporate into our lives. The faster we move, the more we leave behind. Appreciate and cherish and be grateful for the now, and never say no to a corner that is calling your name.

Corners come like
They've been waiting
For us to take them

The brighter the light
The further we see
The quicker we move
The more that we leave behind
By blinding you are blinded

So turn your high beams down
Turn your high beams down
Turn your high beams down

Corners come like
They've been waiting

Rayhan's 10th Birthday Party

Thank you Hatim and Sarah for inviting us, and thank you Hatim for taking a picture of Marwa and I


First Day with the Fujifilm XH1 + 23mm f2 Lens

Had a blast shooting with this camera. I got it mainly for the video capabilities, but the photos it produces are also incredible. The following are all out of camera jpegs with in camera applied film simulations. (90% of them are classic chrome)