2011-05-02 Walk Against Hunger and New Park!

On May 1, 2011, we participated in the annual Foodshare "Walk Against Hunger," to raise money for various organizations that help the needy in Connecticut. Alhamdulillah, there were over 100 Muslim participants this year, the largest of any faith based group attending. This was also Sumaya's first walk. The sun was a bit stronger than we thought, but Sumi was drenched in sunscreen and mama was the one who ended up getting some sunburn. We walked three miles while Sumi took a nice nap in her stroller. Afterwards, we discovered a new park very close to us with swings and slides and a sand pit where kids leave their shovels. It was nice talking to some parents with their kids and Sumi LOVES swinging.
 Sumi does love Rebecca, she's just making sure that I'm not going anywhere :)
 Muslims against Hunger!
 Sumaya's double x-small shirt. Maybe it will fit next year.
 Sumi eating apples with her baba.
 It was such a nice day, alhamdulillah.
 Sumi and mama dancing to the music
 Epic Pure Joy
 Safe Landings.
 Ready to start.
and Finish! (Do you see the red sunburned cheeks?)
 Mmm...ice cream mustache
 Sumaya loves black beans
 ...and swings
Epic Pure Joy Part II