2012-11-23 Thanksgiving 2012- Good food + Good Family = Good Times

Wow, where to begin? Hurricane Sandy was rough on both the in-laws and parents. Mama Fufu and Giddo Saied's basement completely flooded and they didn't have electricity restored for over two weeks! Alhamdulillah Ahmed and Sharif were able to help Mama clean up and throw away all the mold infested furniture. Needless to say, there was a lot to be thankful for. Now, in terms of us celebrating Thanksgiving- we deeply regret what happened to the Native Americans and do not use this holiday in any way to commemorate Christopher Columbus and his minions. But, when there's a national holiday that gives you a three day work week and encourages family get-togetherness around food, it's hard for us to say no :) What's more interesting about this day is that it also is the anniversary of our engagement- this will mark the fourth year Ahmed and I have been together, alhamdulillah. In those four years, we've traveled to Egypt and Palestine, lived in Connecticut, NY, and New Jersey- Ahmed has found a passion in iOS development, we have an awesome two year old and one is on the way. Pretty jam packed, al hamd wal shukr lillah. This is a special Thanksgiving for me especially because it was the very first we had at our lovely apartment- usually Mama Fufu has a strong hold on Thanksgiving (but, remember mold infested basement....etc. etc.) AND it was POTLUCK style! Everyone got to take pride in their food, get major hasanat for contributing, and the exhaustion was not solely concentrated onto one person, but nicely distributed so everyone can enjoy herself. To be fair, Mama still made the turkey, leg of lamb, stuffing, lasagna, mashed potatoes, and gravy (so it was still sorta her Thanksgiving, just at our place, hehe). Sumaya was a little sick after our trip to Michigan, but she stuck it out like a real trooper. Zayd is turning out to be a handsome little man, and wonderfully caring as well. Here's to many more fun filled, family oriented, photo crazed moments- cheers!


What are you doing Ramy?

Lol, what am I doing- must have been adjusting the hijab pin, hehe.

Apparently, Zayd knows all the hand motions to the itsy bitsy spider


Sumaya is getting so big, masha'Allah.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks- Melissa and Doug seem to own the children's market, at least in our apt. they do.

And this is what true love looks like <3.


Ahmed Eid, the architect!

Mama Fufu, the silent hero.

Happy Hijabis

Adding pomegranate seeds to the salad- can't go wrong with rumaan!

I got a couple of wicker baskets from HomeGoods to store Sumi's toys. I didn't know it would be used to store toddlers as well, hehe. Zayd also likes Sumaya's kitchen- may Allah solidify the compassion in his heart.

Mama's amazing leg of lamb. Come to think of it, I didn't have any turkey just so I can have a big piece of that glorious concoction. The yogurt-cucumber dip was the perfect accompaniment.  (Glad we got to keep the leftovers on this one, hehe).

Sumi with Big Bird and Zayd with Purple Dog. I can't wait till they start putting on some imaginative plays for us, insha'Allah.

Nada: Sharif I love you!

Sharif's inner voice: I love you too, Siri.

LOL!! They will kill me for this comment, haha.

We teach them while they're young- three generations of women in the kitchen, may Allah increase the barakah within our family.

I love this picture :)

The Giddos!


Silence is the greatest marker of a fantastic meal.

My inner voice: How can I strategically place ALL this food onto my plate without it seeping through, ruining my clothes, breaking the sturdy plate, umm....I'll just go for seconds if I can make it off the couch.

Amu Emad treating the lasagna with the care it deserves.

Ramy has always looked up to his older sister :)

I'm sure Sumaya was calling for Zayd here.

Just mama and me.

The women finally getting to taste what their splendid hands have created.

Sumi boomi bo fumi fanana bana bo boomi, SUMI!

Zayd, did you find anything good in there?


Tunt Menal coordinated well with the futon, masha'Allah :)



A moment of bliss and happiness- half a cup of soda- I don't even remember the last time I had some pepsi. And yes, it was sooo worth it.


Yay for the photographer finally getting in one of the pics!


Uh....make that two!


I see you!

Proudly enjoying my pumpkin cheesecake with cool whip topping. No regrets.


Family pic time!

Zayd and Jiddu Galal

Alhamdulillah for family

Rice with almonds, pine nuts, raisins. Goodness.


Stuffed Turkey.

Mashed potatoes. The pictures don't do the food justice :)

La la la Sagna!

Nada's awesome salad

One of the best beet salads I've tasted in a long time. Will definitely start roasting my own beets from now on. Kudos to Nada for this one.

Jannah. Ummm, I meant leg of lamb...sorry, I tend to confuse the two :)

Roasted potatoes.

Fiteer Sabaanikh, Spanikopita, Spinach Pie. You get the idea. Happy Turkey with a whole bunch of sides day!