2011-09-12 "Dear Sumaya", letter from Marwa to Sumaya

Salaam dear Sumi,Today, you are 15 months old. With mama and baba both working, you have been spending quality time with both us but on separate occasions...and you still cry when we leave you with the babysitter for two hours on Friday. Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Sept.11, 2001- a day in which extremists attacked America in the name of Islam. I worry about the ramifications this will have on you. I want you to love Islam with all of your heart, to love Allah and His messengers and to spread that love. I don't want you to be bullied, and I hope by the time you go to school, Muslims will have made a more positive impact on our society. The past tens years have been fraught with attacks against Muslims, but have also given us the opportunity to engage with non-Muslims about the proper teachings of Islam. It's what made me decide to become a chaplain. I hope you understand one day that every time mama leaves you for work, it's with the intention that others may see a Muslim just trying her very best. America needs to see us out there, working, engaging, and smiling. Please always smile. You have a beautiful smile and I love how your eyes half moon every time your cheeks rise. By the way, just so you know, you love to give your mama and baba kisses. You love pointing and saying baaaybeee to anyone in close proximity. You say keekee for giddo and foo-huuu for mama fufu. You also like to whine when we don't let you play with our cell phones. You're learning and growing everyday and I pray that Allah keeps you on the straight path my beautiful Sumi. Love, Mama