2011-09-11 Apple picking Reflection

One cannot really take advantage of living in Connecticut without visiting the various farms in close proximity. Today was a beautiful day to go apple picking. I have never went apple picking before and was very excited to visit Rose Berry Farm in South Glastonbury. I went there once before with Sumi and picked up some raspberries, but Ahmed had yet to see the beautiful acres of tilled land. When he saw the view, all he could say was, "Wow, subhanAllah!" We ended up getting 8 lbs of gala apples while munching away as we picked. Such small things in life can really be a great catalyst for reflection and enjoyment. I really hope we get to visit and support our local farmers more frequently. Here are some pictures Ahmed took with his Iphone since his SLR would be too bulky to carry around while picking apples.

And of course, there are two tiny teeth marks on almost all the apples we picked ;) A Sumi trademark, if you will.