The government illegally created a watchlist that had the names of hundreds of Muslims, most of which are positive members of society. This series will show the work and the positive impact that a few select people from the watchlist are doing and have been doing for years.


Raise awareness of CAIR and the kind of work that CAIR does

Raise awareness of the positive work that Muslims are doing across the country

Raise awareness of the watchlist itself, and potentially tying into a campaign to end it


  • A number of films, with multiple versions of each one (each optimized for a specific social media platform)

  • A series of short 1 minute videos with audio clips of the most powerful segments of each interview

  • Series of photos with quotes

  • Possibly: A longer form documentary tying all of them together)

  • A website with all the stories

Why this works for Cair:

CAIR has been in the business of helping Muslims for many years. This series will show examples of Muslims that have been struggling with the issues they CAIR helps people with everyday. This series will create a link in peoples minds between CAIR and the people we will interview.


  • Pre Production:

    • Identify the people on the watchlist but we would like to tell their stories

    • Have an introductory phone call with each person to better understand their story

    • Develop a production plan for shooting their story.

  • Production

    • Travel to the subject

    • Record the required interviews/video footage based on the plan above

  • Post Production

    • Edit the film

    • Sound correction

    • Audio correction

    • Color grading

  • Creation of Social Media assets

  • Delivery of film

Production cost:

The following in an estimate of how much it would cost to produce each episode.

Estimated Cost of Production

Each episode will cost roughly $5000 to produce. I estimate at least 20% more, a full budget can be created upon request.


The films will be distributed on social media platforms that we will determine together. We will create a cut of each film that is tailored for each platforms uniqueness. We will also share behind the scenes clips and photos on social media as well to generate some buzz around the series.

CAIR has a massive reach via their social media pages, email lists, etc. To maximize the reach, we will leverage our existing networks to cross post the videos on as many channels as we can. Here are a list of channels that we have access to today:

Ummah Wide: 25,000 Followers

MPower Change: 22,000 Followers

Eid Films: 3100 Followers


Example Campaign: #BlackMuslimsSpeak

This video series is a 10 episode series where we have conversations with black Muslims about their experience being black and Muslim. Most Muslims in America are actually black, but they are often excluded from circles of non-black Muslims. This series were shot over the course of a month leveraging existing relationships with these people and a partnership with the muslim and wellness foundation. It was shot, edited, and distributed within the course of one month.

Here are some analytics from the series from Eidfilms:

  • 259,000 people reached 

  • 48,000 post engagements 

  • 126,000 video views 

Here are some sample videos of the series: