Sakarin Mosque

I just arrived at the Sakirin mosque, a beautiful mosque in Istanbul Turkey. This city has thousands of minarets from mosques spanning the horizons, almost all of which were designed by men. Except this one.

Walking in you can't help but notice the iconic tear drop. It is breathtaking. Looking up there is a large, asymmetrical chandelier that has waterdrop-shaped glass globes, reflecting a prayer that God's light should fall on worshipers like rain.

This mosque was the first mosque to ever be designed by a woman in modern Turkey, Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu. It has two minarets and a dome of aluminum composite, and is said to be the most carbon neutral mosque in Turkey.

She designed it with one entrance for the men and the women, not two.

And just wow. Every little detail is just…perfect. It's focus on simplicity, and it's unique combination of shapes, colors, and textures, make it a truly incredible place.