This is Who We Are

This video was inspired by an article that Imam Zaid Shakir published in January of 2018, called "This is Who We Are." 

I was so moved by the piece that I decided to make a video about it. I took the original script and molded it into a video friendly one, then contacted Gareth Bryant, who also loved the script, and asked him to narrate the piece. 

We rented a studio space in New York City and some lighting equipment and shot it in a few hours. Here are some of the behind the scene photos: 

The tricky part today is in the editing room, where we now have to cut videos for Youtube (1920x1080), Facebook (Square, or sometimes a little taller), and Instagram TV (1080x1920, a vertical video). There is no easy way of creating one edit then exporting once for each platform, each platform requires it's own specific edit. This isn't an issue for me because I love video editing so much, but for others it can be a hassle. 

Here is how each timeline looked like for each edit: