#BLACKLIVESMATTER Protest (San Jose, 2015)

I had the privilege of attending a ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ protest against police brutality. Some thoughts: 

- All lives don't matter until black lives matter. If you know someone who says or thinks "All lives matter" go talk some sense into them. This is important!

- The protest seemed unorganized and was lacking a leader. When the cops showed up, everyone was on their own. Leading a protest is hard.

- We marched in the streets and were met with a blockage of cops wearing battle ready gear. Marching towards them made the term "police state" seem that much more real.

- The cops ran towards us and started hitting people with batons in an effort to get people on the sidewalk. This in turn made some people scared, and then they fought back, they were arrested.

- There were almost as many cops as protesters...it was ridiculous. Helicopters, armed cops...the only thing that was missing were tanks.